Plotboard Online Moodboard and Photo Collage

Plotboard is a universal photo grid editor. Good for creating portfolios, scrapbooks, photo frames, albums, slides or cards, stories, text documents, and a lot more.

Art & creativity


As a designer, you need to communicate your ideas to your customers before you make a final design. Plotboard is a creative board for visual messages that helps you to do this perfectly. Create compositions of text, photos, and s and share them for free.

Scrapbook and artbook

Memorise your best moments in the form of compositions. Plotboard offers a way to say more than just a plain photo can communicate. Compile multiple photos and add text, colours, and rounded corners. Make your composition a piece of art. Share your gallery with your friends and family.

Travel journal

When you want to make one vivid picture that captures the spirit of your entire journey, Plotboard is unparalleled. Combine stunning landscapes and photos of unusual places with portraits of your team members and write what you want to say about your memories. Plotboard fits your trip into one photo frame that you can place on your table, so these memories can continue to delight you.

Small businesses

Showcase tool for tattoos, makeup, haircuts, nails, and other small businesses

A composition can say much more than text or a photo alone. Customers’ attention exposure is very short, so you need to make it clear from a single look. That’s where Plotboard naturally helps you. Use the power of combined visual materials to explain your product advantages in one shot. Plotboard lets you do this quickly, in a very intuitive way, without a learning curve.

Presentation and slide editor

When you need to tell a story, you don’t have to use heavy and old-fashioned tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. Use a lightweight photo & text board to lay out your ideas in a succinct way. Use the simplest possible slides with few text and images as a guideline to your story. Plotboard is a great companion for creating effective presentations on the go, on any device and even across devices.

Text editor

Creating a text document is all about layout. When you don’t need to meticulously check each indent, you can focus on what’s really important: the message. Plotboard will support you with multiple fonts, easy text sizing, text styles and alignment at your service. It’s much easier and more intuitive than traditional tools like Microsoft Word.

Website and landing page builder (coming soon)

Is it really possible to make and publish a web page in 5 minutes or less from scratch? Yes. When you create your composition in Plotboard, you are already creating a web page. Push one button to publish it and get a link that you can share.

Personal brand

Model portfolio, designer or photographer portfolio

Portfolios are a way to quickly present your creative identity, and Plotboard is made to do just that. A single-page square grid is the right size to organise a small amount of well-selected visual information: photos, pieces of design, and text notes. It’s like Lego for photos and text: each element just fits in its place.

Personal look and style options

When it comes to seeing the whole picture, you can’t rely on your imagination to combine all the pieces of your look together. With Plotboard, you can combine your dress, shoes, and accessories on a visual board and compare them to other options. Plotboard isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about the whole look & style.

Social media and fun

Photo collage

You don’t even need an app to make a photo collage. Plotboard works in a browser and is very responsive. Collage photos, store collages in the cloud, and share your finished collages for free. Good for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other social networks with images.

Story editor

Plotboard allows you to create stories to be watched on mobile devices. This flexibility allows you to make your own layouts an d improvise, which is what makes it such a good tool for your creativity.

Meme maker

Looking for a quick meme maker? Just insert photos and write text in Plotboard. It supports ‘text over photo’, text sizes, fonts, and colours. Turn your idea into a meme in just a few taps.


Interior design and home renovation planner

Home design is always a special occasion. Start by choosing pieces of furniture that you like, then combine them into a composition using Plotboard. Try to understand the mood of your room as a complete picture. Easily try out different room designs to find what really moves you. Plotboard helps you find your dream interior.

To-do checklist maker and event planner

When traveling or attending a wedding or any important event, there is no time for planning once you’re there. Advance preparation is needed. When the action begins, it's best to have easy-to-read instructions on hand. Plotboard is a great tool for creating these kinds of visual instructions during the planning phase. The text can easily be enlarged, and if necessary, photo illustrations can be added. Use Plotboard to make your plans come true.

Smartphone wallpaper creator

You may want to make monochrome wallpaper for your smartphone, or compose it from several photos. Plotboard can do it.

Celebrate and remembeR

Photo album and gallery

With Plotboard, your selected photos are not only stored in your photo stream where they can get lost. They are stored in Plotboard where you can collect them, add visual elements and emojis, and write comments. Let your photos tell a story and keep them where they will not get lost.

Photo frame

Don’t pay for photo frame presets. Create your own frames of any shape for free. It’s so simple.

Card maker for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays card

One photo cannot reflect a whole event. To see the newlyweds, their parents, and that awesome celebration party, you either need multiple photos or a video that cannot be watched at one glance. Or you need Plotboard, where multiple photos can be joined to show and tell more at once.

Card maker

Plotboard is a very simple tool for visual messages like cards. Create and share your cards for free.


Enjoy all app features withPlotboard Premium Packages

Cloud storage
1 boards unlimited
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Insert text
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Save board as image
Round corners
Change fonts
Change font colour
Change font size
Align text
Rotate cells
Cell borders
High resution photos

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